Work Permit

Work Permit Application

You must meet certain requirements which make you eligible to get permit as an employee.

Nordic Turns AB have knowledge and experience how to apply and what to attach during your first work permit application.


Work Extension

If you successfully completed two years with your work permit, you must extend your permit after that with several legal insurances and documents following Swedish rules where Nordic Turns AB can proceed extension application with certain legal documents preparation and visa application.

The requirements are quite complicated sometimes therefore, for one little mistake can reject the application. The requirement can vary for EU and outside of EU. Nordic Turns AB’ helps to proceed work permit and work extension visa with legal procedure.

Permanent Residence in Sweden

Permanent Residence permit can achieve if you work continuously for four years or study continuously for research or doctoral in same resident permit.

If you have had a work permit as an employee and worked a total of four years in the last seven years, you can be granted a permanent residence permit when you apply for an extension of your permit.

You must have worked for the employer and in the occupation for which you have received a work permit.


How Nordic Turns AB can help you?

Legal documentation and proper information are needed during applying work permit and work extension application.

Nordic Turns AB has the experience to help you proceeding your application and deal with legal information to obtain visa and follow Swedish rules and system regulations.

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