Study Application

Higher study eligibility requirement

The first step is to know if you can apply for higher study according to your credentials. University requirement can vary from courses to countries.

Visit Eligibilty page in Nordic Turns AB website and assess yourself. If you pass the test, we will send our process description automatically.

The first step is to choose right subjects in the right University. It is the most important thing because of your future career and next steps in Sweden.

Nordic Turns AB' will help you to apply with right subject in the right university according to your credentials.

Choosing suitable area in Sweden is also important to suit yourself in Swedish weather & job opportunity. You must not select University according to the international rating.


Swedish application procedure is not complicated, the only thing is to follow the right path.


Study Application

You should start with initial service charge for application in master program which is included your application fee.

So you do not need to pay application fee. Moreover, Nordic Turns AB will help you to create study, scholarship as well as visa application account automatically by Nordic Turns AB Enterprise.

Secondly, You should then pay second service charge for documentation fee to ready all necessary documents before deadline.

Thirdly, we will apply for all relevant scholarships related with admission courses and universities which charge service cost also. Finally, We will assist you to apply for Visa with another round of cost which will also included with your Visa application fee and that's all.

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