Our Value

"After working quite long time in youtube channel, I found my weaknesses and tried to develop them in some ways.

I failed, I dropped patience and finally lost my interest. Believe me i tried to make videos in the winter when the temperature was -10 and after 10 mins, my DSLR stopped because of battery and i cried alone.

One thing I learned, any work that I am doing should have value rather than success, because success can be achieved individually but value can be made by the subscribers, audience or customers.

I have set value for Nordic Turns AB which will be followed in every decisions making in the service."


A man of value is worth rather than becoming man of success.



Nordic Turns AB has nothing but honesty.

We trust you, believe in you and your future.


Continuation is only possible when you act always the same.

We make relationship to keep it longer and durable even when you are in Sweden.


It's not only the written values, we mean it & Nordic Turns AB will survive on it



Stay calm and we are with you to solve in a good way.

Show your best esteem to the whole world and make Bangladesh proud.


Nordic Turns AB believes in result not in process.

No matter how complicated it is, there is always a way.


There is always a way than no way & you can do it

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