Swedish Citizenship

Swedish citizenship constitutes a legal contract between the State and the citizen. Citizenship strengthens your affinity with Sweden and unites the Swedish people.
Being a formal member of society is a foundation of Swedish democracy.

Swedish citizenship can bring benefits such as:

  • Only Swedish citizens have an absolute right to live and work in the country
  • Only Swedish citizens have the right to vote in the elections for the Swedish Parliament.
  • Only Swedish citizens can be elected to the Swedish Parliament.
  • Only Swedish citizens may join the police or armed forces.
  • As a Swedish citizen, you will find it easier if you wish to work in other EU Member States.

Sweden has the third most powerful passport in the world as it provides visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to 187 countries.


Requirement for Swedish citizenship

You must meet all the requirements for becoming a Swedish citizen when you apply.
If you do not meet the requirements, then your application will be rejected.

In order to become a Swedish citizen, you must

  • Prove your identity
  • Must be 18 years
  • Have a permanent resident permit, right of residence.
  • Must live in Sweden for a certain amount of time
  • No law enforcement record

The process of application is easy but complicated in rules and documentation.
If any information or documents are missed or fraudulent or, you have not met the requirements properly, your application can be rejected.

Nordic Turns AB has the knowledge on how to apply and what legal documentations are needed before applying, if you are eligible or not.
Of course, you can find all the information in Migrationsverket though, the process described and to follow during the application can be misled in any circumstances.

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