Visa Application

Is Visa application the last steps?

Consequently yes!
But practically No, your visa officer can ask you to provide further information, documents or necessary papers related with your application.

You should submit correct and valid documents to make the decision positive.

If you get rejection, there are some other consequences which are applicable for appeal to migration court.


Keep patience until reaching Visa application steps, You should not give up and must rely on us.


How Nordic Turns AB make you aware of visa application?

Every country has different laws in immigration and variuous processes in foreign policy.
Then it varies on which permit you are going to have.

Nordic Turns AB will make you aware first, on requirement for visa application.
We make you comfortable to organise all necessary documents to proceed further.

Sometimes visa is only rejected because of wrong information or documents in the application even though, you know how to apply but only due to lack of experience.

Nordic Turns AB started application and appeal for some students without any charge only to test the process and what is required. We interviewed students before taking any case or resident application.

We trust on your belief, do you?

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