Welcome to Sweden

Sweden is easily one of the most charming countries in the world. Even if you’ve never considered yourself a nature enthusiast, Sweden has the latent to make one out of you. Do not become so deep-rooted in studying and city get-togethers that you don’t get to experience this country’s limitless natural beauty.

  • Don’t miss the intro week!
  • Meet new people and start friendships.
  • Learn some Swedish.
  • Mistakes are good.
  • Be 15 minutes late.
  • Forget that fear of missing out.
  • Inhale like a Swede.
  • Don’t take studying too seriously at first.
  • Relax and enjoy the view.

Cycling gives you to save a lot of penny and keeps you fit. Bicycle roads are separate and damn good in Sweden and well-maintained in the winter.

  • Get a bicycle.
  • Enjoy the sun while it lasts!
  • Visit secondhand stores.

Sweden has a very well-stocked secondhand market for clothes and furniture. Eriktjälpan and Myrorna are two examples of splendid secondhand stores in Sweden. Most of the clothes that are sold are in very good condition. You can find great designer shirts, trousers, scarves, ties, shoes, winter clothing, books and even ice skates in these stores at a reasonable price.

  • Skinny jeans keep you warmer.
  • Fika all day, every day

The so-called fika break, which is when you drink coffee and eat some cake or a bun, is basically a cornerstone of Swedish society. Learn to love coffee and baked goods, because the Swedes sure do.

  • The forest is your friend
  • Have fun!

Life has big chance to experience another country first hand. You’ll look back on these days as the best of your life and I bet you’ll wish you could go back.

Studying abroad or working in Europe are not always going to be easy and maybe you’ll even want to go home at some point. Be focused, try to be environmentally friendly and career oriented which you’re doing this for.

Sweden has so much to offer and I can assure that you won’t have a single regret studying or working in Sweden.

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